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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bush Says NO to Pulling Troops in Iraq

"WASHINGTON - President Bush said Saturday that pulling out of Iraq now is not an option, rejecting calls by some lawmakers and many people asked in polls to start bringing U.S. troops home."

While this is good as it speaks volumes of his leadership skills, he is in danger of setting up the 08 Repub candidate for failure against Hillary. I say stay until the job is done but can we get some guidelines that may indicate what exactly constitutes a done job in Bush's mind? Is it when we go x number of months without an attack? Is it after x number of successful elections? Is it after x number of Iraqis are trained? He needs to give some hint here or people are going to say "We need a change" and go with Hillary.


Goat said...

Tequila what many don't seem to understand is that publcizing a withdrawal date, or any such time table would also give the terrorists a time table to plan around. We will be there till the Iragi gov't says they are ready to take over their security.

Cindy duPont said...

Bush needs to keep Iraq and our involvement there on the front burner. He needs to capitalize on our successes there and on Iraq's growing involvement in handling its own governmental affairs and security. Even if we don't bring soldiers home any time soon in huge numbers to satisfy Bush's detractors' demands, getting
the collective American mindset on Iraq's growing sovereignty and independence
would have a reassuring effect on the masses...I think. Someone up there has dropped the PR ball on this war, and the Dems are
running it toward a touchdown unless the word gets out better.

Goat said...

The two blogs on the side bar Chrenkoff and LGF do a masterful job at that Cindy. So sad that I have to rely on an Aussie blogger for good news. Our MSM is lost on this one they are so blinded by hate Bush vitriol that they miss the bigger picture and say people like me a work a day American have blinders on. Just because I am a Christian and a conservative does mean I forgot how to research and read untill they realize that they will continue to lose election after election. Really sad, we need two vibrant parties with ideas based in furthering our freedoms.

Goat said...

edit: "Does NOT mean", in previous comment