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Sunday, June 19, 2005

What Canadian Healthcare?

Another of my favorite columnists is Paul Jacob. His latest on the state of Canada's healthcare system is a good read. This is what the socialist Dems want for the US !?

Canada is not a communist country. Really, it's not — except when it comes to medical care.
While some Americans argue that our health care system should be copying Canada's single-payer national (read: government-controlled) health care system, a recent ruling by Canada's Supreme Court ought to cause some serious reconsideration. Deadly serious reconsideration.

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gabrielle said...

Visited Nova Scotia and Newfoundland last summer. Lovely place. Natives were friendly.Spoke to some folks about their healthcare system and found them to be wanting . Said basically they had limited coverage. Plus they are taxed to the max for everything,15%. Some bargain.