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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CNN/UTube GOP Debate:Updated

I am watching this one purely for entertainment value not to learn anything new about the candidates. I am watching to see how poorly CNN does and how stupid or relevant the UTube questions are. I might update, depending on something good coming up. This format could be good or very bad, we'll see, I missed the Dem UTube debate but the clips I saw were awful, syrupy goo.
Meanwhile MKH, Matt Lewis and Patrick Ruffini are on scene and interviewing operatives.
Update: Opening song was very good and funny. Opening question to Rudy was good on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.
Update: First break, the questions are surprisingly good, Rudy and Mitt mix it up over illegals but it is old stuff, nothing new. John smacked Dr. Paul around a bit on the war and Paul won't denounce fringe conspiracy theorist supporters on the fake NAU.
Update: Second break, this is actually a better debate than I anticipated. The last question about the Bible was a little off kilter, Rudy answered how I would as did Romney, Huckabee hid the fact that he is a literalist believing the earth is only 6,000 years old and evolution doesn't exist.
Update: Third break, yes Ron Paul gets loud boos and jeers for his nutty foreign policy views as McCain slaps him hard again. Again I am impressed with the quality of the questions and choices by CNN, I was expecting gotcha questions from the moonbats and sappy questions from soft soaps.
Final thoughts: I am impressed again by the quality of our candidates, they are able to handle tough questions with a sense of humor even when the gloves come off. There was none of the if looks could kill moments as Hillary does when she glares at Obama or Edwards when they go after her. There were some jabs thrown of course and they were met with humility and humor. Rudy, Mitt and Fred all came across very well as did Mike and John with their usual great one liners. I do believe the next GOP debate should be limited to those with double digit support, Rudy, Mitt, Fred, John and Mike. The audience response was interesting on many occasions especially when the boos occurred, RP on foreign policy, Rudy on guns.
It did not change my position on Mitt, my no. 1, but it did help my opinion of Fred, he has risen from just ahead of Dr. Paul to second on my list just ahead of Rudy, Huckabee has fallen way back as I have learned his record as Gov., McCain for SecDef and, Hunter at DHS, Tancredo at BICE, Huckabee at HHS. I like alot of what Dr. Paul has to say about the Constitution, small government, abortion, taxes and spending so he should stay in the House as our Dr. No, he is a Republican and declared it soundly tonight, no third party run, even if he is completely nuts on foreign policy and is in league with whacko conspiracy theorists.
We have a great field of candidates my friends in the GOP, take heart, look at the DNC field, I mean this is the New England Patriots vs. No Where High, pun unintentionally intended. Our team, even in the farm leagues is very deep and talented, I just don't see that in the DNC, I mean , Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Hillary are the best they have.
I saw an engaged America in this debate and I am happily surprised, the candidates wanted intelligent questions and they got them, kudos to CNN for that and the humor was nice. I even liked the closer question on the Yankees and BoSox, Rudy hit it hard and Mitt caught it, great ending, support your conference, league, party. Hey the BoSox did win this year and the Patriots are on pace....
Update: The folks at Townhall seem to agree with my take.


shoprat said...

Sounds like I missed something worth seeing.

Goat said...

Yea Shoprat you missed a good one if you are undecided.

Trader Rick said...


Tapline said...

I watched most of the debate and am still undecided. I like what fred has to say but he really doesn't say enough to get a handle on what he believes. Seems like I hear everyone else but him on the tube. I mean he is hardly mentioned. Wonder what that means.....??? stay well.....