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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Something New On The Grill

BBQ bear ribs, as I was heading out Thurday morning my neighbor called me over and he had a big ole bear hanging from his skinning tree, he's one of those avid hunters. He had given me some chops in the past and they were good and he brought over some ribs and a steak from this one. I grilled the ribs today like I would beef ribs and they were awesome, different but actually closer to beef than venison or elk is. The meat is a lttle chewy with a good not very gamy flavour, b grade beef with better taste. I didn't marinade them but they would do well in your favorite beef marinade.

Its that stew time of year so that is what I am going to make with my other chunk of meat. It should be good as bear stew nourishes through history, and I make a mean stew. I guess now that my body ain't quite what it used to be hunting will again become my focus since climbing won't be so much, fishing always has been a major aspect of where we camp. I need a dog that can do upland gamebird hunting and water fowl retrieving, any suggestions.


The Frank Family said...

You couldn't get much better than a Brittany.

Goat said...

TFF, one of my best friends has a couple Bittaneys and they are great dogs and he swears by them. They or some of their larger cousins may be my choice.

Trader Rick said...

jack russell terrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

najistani said...

Be careful with bear meat. It's infested with trichinosis and needs to be cooked thoroughly. BBQ may not be sufficient to kill the trichina worms.


Goat said...

Oh I cook all game thouroughly, Naj, for that fact, you are talking to a redneck country boy raised on game meat. Thanks for the thought though.