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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Most Influential Blogger

With out doubt, Daily Kos is the most influential blogger, he moves his enemies and allies to act. Hot Air has this little video clip and an interesting discussion in the comments. I am not influenced by the blogs I visit, I am informed by them and have expanded my knowledge base astronomically since I entered the blogosphere following the Dan Rather "Memogate" disaster, thanks to Radio talkers, Hugh Hewitt and others.

Link: sevenload.com
Who do I read first, Hugh Hewitt/Townhall followed by Hot Air and Michelle Malkin and then it varies a bit and by topic and what is happening. That is the beauty of blogging is that you can develope contacts around the world with news from the immediate area and often with a more personal edge to it. The New Media and Old Media are engaged in a strange tango of parasitism of each other, each needing the other, and I think this is for the good.
Ultimately we have to reach the generic visitor arriving on a keyword search and not about influencing fellow bloggers in an echosphere as the left has done.


alohasteve said...

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Goat said...

Uh Steve we already have.