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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nope, Can't Report Good News

The US economy continues to cruise along despite the spikes in energy costs and stabilized housing market but all the MSM pundits are wringing their hands about how gloomy the economy is. The New York Times sees its own demise as the demise of the whole economy and cries recession when the actual numbers don't indicate that at all. The Times is collapsing under the weight of its own ignorant writers and pundits and their extreme BDS and leftist ideology. I bet the economy would make a miraculous comeback on Jan. 30th '09 should a Democrat win the Oval office.
Here is an accurate look at how the economy is doing, we are growing between 3 and 5% steadily since Bush took office despite war, hurricanes and idiot Democrats. The Dems are just upset the bounty has been used to defeat an enemy and not to fund their lavish socialist welfare programs.

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heidianne jackson said...

and just think how much more the economy would be growing (or would have already grown) if we had just limited our non-defense/non-essential spending like good little conservatives. come to think of it, the republicans would probably still have control of congress if they'd done that, too...