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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mitt Is Coming To NoCal

Mitt has a couple fundraisers planned for my neck of the woods in a couple weeks and I am debating whether to buck up and attend the Napa event as a way to network and get my business card in the hands of some wealthy folks. I know it takes money to make money and Mitt's circle is extremely adept at that. What do y'all think, would it be a wise $1,000 investment? I am totally in Mitt's camp in the run for POTUS and have sent a few bucks so far, along with the free advertising here in the Barnyard. Plus since I am considering a run for a local office in the future it would not hurt to meet some GOP operatives here in NoCal. I am thinking this would be a smart move.


The Frank Family said...

I added you to my blogroll, Goat. Hope you don't mind.

Trader Rick said...


Goat said...

TFF, thanks, the more links the merrier!
Rick, I will be saving my money after I looked at the date of the event. I will be back East visiting family at the time.