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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Actual Voting Fraud In Ohio For Obama

This isn't just the typical fraudulent voter registration that is rampant this year this is out of state voters all registering with the same address and requesting absentee voter forms that have been mailed out. It is time to require voter ID and purple fingers at the polls and a photocopied ID submitted with absentee ballots. This has gone far enough and endangers the very basis of our electoral system of free and fair elections. Michelle Malkin has all the details in a comprehensive report on these Obama supporters encouraging outright fraud and even bragging about it.

Democrats love to scream bloody murder about voter disenfranchisement but every fraudulent vote does just that to a legitimate vote. It doesn't seem to bother them though when it cancels out an opposing vote. Their excuse of course is that it just cancels out Republican fraud but their has not been one proven example of that despite the best efforts by left wing rags like the NYT or biased talking head media. The Justice Dept. really needs to look into the activities of these left wing groups doing this and its not just ACORN and throw the book at them if we are ever to have free and fair elections again.

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