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Monday, October 27, 2008

Excellent New Independent Video On Obama's Faith

The solo folks seem to be doing a much better job than the professionals on the McCain team.

I am not in the camp that thinks he is a closet muslim nor do I believe he is a true Christian. I do think he believes in the very warped marxist black liberation theology as espoused by his Pastor and conspiracy nut of twenty years Rev. "God Damn America" Wright.

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suek said...

I don't know about his personal beliefs either, but the problem is that islam approves of and even encourages taqiyya, which is lying to Jews and Christians if it's for the benefit of islam. Marxism considers religion to be the opium of the masses - the State is their god, and the means justify the end. Lying is certainly ok if it serves their purpose. He says he's Christian - but the Christianity preached by Cone - and by his Trinity Church - are nothing like the Christianity I've learned, so even if he _believes_ he's a Christian, I have my doubts.
The crux of the matter is that his entire background has been with two cultures that encourage lying and deception when it will accomplish their goals.

When I first came up with that information - due to the present WOT - I was floored. Being raised in a basically Christian society, it was presumed that lying was a bad thing - morally reprehensible in itself - although a fault we all sometimes fall prey to. When you presume lying is acceptable, it totally destroys your trust in what the other person says. It's an extremely corrosive practice, and leaves you with no way to really relate to another person - because you simply cannot trust anything he says to be true.

That's how I feel about Obama. I believe his goal is to change the USA society to a socialistic/marxist form of government. I think he'll lie, cheat and steal to get it. Whether he really _believes_ in _any_ religion is unknown to me - unless you consider marxism to be a religion. Which it is, sort of.