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Thursday, October 09, 2008

This Guy Is Right, We are In Danger Of Being Taken Over By Socialists From Within

From a McCain town hall meeting today, the guy is mad and wants McCain to fight back against the Democrats like Pelosi, Reid, Dodd and Frank not work with them. John wants us to fight for him so he should stand up and fight for us. He needs to start pounding Obama and the Democrats hard and tie them to the financial mess they caused in cohort with their corrupt friends at Fannie and Freddie.

There is a theory going around that the stock market is falling because investors are scared as hell of an Obama/Pelosi/Reid run government and the massive taxation and spending they are going to undertake. 74% of CEOs in a recent survey believe Obama would be horrible for the economy and would bankrupt the country in three years. These are the people that build the economy and create jobs not government welfare handouts. Obama has associated with socialists his entire life and was even a member of the socialist party in Chicago.

From the same town hall meeting, I was hoping this would turn up. I heard it on Rush's show this morning.

Link: Mccain to go after chris dodd, barney frank


Goat said...

To the gutlese anonymous Obama troll. Do you not have an original thought in your head? Geez every one of your points has been debunked many times. I may use it as blog fodder to mock just how stupid you idiots really are. I am glad you wasted so much time typing up your deranged false missive here, it means you were unable to elsewhere. HaHa.

Bob McCarty said...

Goat -- This item at American Thinker discusses the work of agents provacateur at McCain-Palin events. If you haven't read about this unsavory campaign tactic by the left, you should. It will make you wonder whether the reports you're reading/seeing/hearing are accurate reflections of GOP voter sentiment.

suek said...

this link will get you directly to the article Bob mentioned.


You might find this one interesting as well.