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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Presidential Debate Round Three

I hate to say it but John McCain needs to bring his A game tonight and really land some punches on Obama and show America just how bad Obama would be if elected. His ties to Ayers, Rezko and ACORN need to be hit on and tied to the mortgage mess. Obama has even released his talking points to the press long before the debate even takes place and they sound just like what the MSM already parrots.

McCain needs to make clear that Obama teamed with Pelosi and Reid will launch a tax and spend regime that will make the Carter years look like the good old days. They wil grow the welfare state and block oil drilling and nuclear power in favor of pipe dreams of alternative energy that may or may not be viable sometime in the future. If we are in fact we are entering a recession they will go overboard and extend it and put the burden on our children and grandchildren with massive defidit spending while driving jobs and business away with overwhelming taxation. Obama has provided him with plenty of targets to hit and he needs to hit them hard.

If the hits coming to my site today are any indication, 75% on Joe the plumber, then McCain can definately hit the "spread the wealth around" comment from Obama out of the park. We'll see so stay tuned for my usual commentary.

Update: Question on economic stimulus proposals. McCain hits on Fannie and Freddie, now explain why they fell apart name Dodd, Frank, Obama blocking it.
Obama blames CEOS but Fannie and Freddie CEOs advise his campaign and gave him tons of money.
McCain brings up Joe the plumber, boom, the first big gun..
Obama brings up his 95% tax cut BS again, it is just welfare through the IRS. He lies about 98% of small businesses make less than 250 g , he is redefining small business. McCain is hitting the Joe the plumber bit hard. Point to McCain but he needs to nail Obama on his faulty numbers.

Update: Question on spending and cuts. Obama obfuscates but the main thing he wants to cut is major defense programs like missile defense. McCain sounds good on spending cuts. Obama keeps running against Bush, McCain hits him on it. Nails him on his votes to raise taxes. Finally he's going after Obama on a number of issues. McCain has Obama on the defensive and starting to stutter.

Update: Leadership question. Ayers is about to come up, maybe. Obama is yapping about failed economic policies again when the policies he pushed with ACORN are directly connected to the financial meltdown in the banks.

Update: Yes McCain brings up Ayers and ACORN. Obama tries to spin the Ayers relationship and the CAC. Obama says he only represented ACORN in moter voter laws and eliminates that he sued Citibank on behalf of ACORN to force them to make the very subprime loans than caused the economic problems we have today.

Update: Obama says Biden shares his values, does that mean lying, plagerizing and exagerating?

Update: Energy policy. McCain has a good answer. Obama is typical lefty talking points I have debunked here many times. The reason our auto industry has fallen so far behind is because of the unions' demands, Obama is a protectionist in the pocket of the unions and environuts. McCain is blowing him out tonight with his characteristic fiestyness. Another reason Dteroit has not made fuel efficient beer cans is that Americans don't buy them when they get a much better product from Toyota and Honda which have major plants here.

Update: Health care; Will either address the fact that costs are way up because of trial lawyers suing over nothing and driving up the cost of malpractice insurance? In many areas OBGYNs are leaving the field because of it. Will either mention the crazy mandates that must be covered in all policies in Obama's plans?
Hah, McCain calls Omama Senator Government, it was a slip but a good hit anyway.

Update: Abortion and SCOTUS: McCain is for constructionists, Obama is for a living constitution. To me this is a very important distinction and issue. Obama thinks abortion including partial birth is a right and should be taxpayer funded.
Obama brings up equal pay when he pays his female staff 75 cents on the dollar compared to his male staff. McCain pays his female staffers more than his male. McCain hits Obama on his abortion votes and his votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, Obama obfuscates.

Update: Education: This is another chance for McCain to hit Obama on Ayers and the CAC and its abject failure. Obama talks about math and science, then why did he turn down those grants from CAC instead for funding afrocentric racial grievance programs in Chicago? Obama is in the pocket of teachers unions and their bureaucracy so his answer is to throw them more money.
The thing is not all kids need to go to college or want to, trade schools are also needed as well as the school of hard work and hard knocks.

Final Round Up: This was the best of the three debates by far, well moderated with some good give and take. I am partisan and biased so I say McCain did very well and easily won. Obama did well but was very shallow and lies about a few things like our economic policies and where we stand at the moment. We are nowhere near the great depression unless he is elected and 75% of the CEOs and a huge nunber of economists say that. Obama was very vague and ran from many of McCain's charges by changinging the subject, change we can believe in. McCain did miss a few opportunities to really clobber Obama but that may have been from lack of time though he did land quite a few solid blows and had Obama on the defense most of the night.

I am sure the Obama partisans will say just the opposite, after all they had the Obama issued talking points this morning.

Update: I am not alone in my opinion listening to Hugh Hewitt.

Update: Where are all the Obama trolls? I usually get a bunch of them about now, I guess goat gruff sent them under the bridge where they belong.


heidianne jackson said...

i was actually proud of mccain, and (no big shock here) digusted with the flat out lies from obama. unbelievable. especially on his record for abortion.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Thank God the debates are over with. Now we can hunker down and get ready for election day. Vote!!!

DanielS said...

Obama was nothing special in that all he offered was his rhetoric filled talking points.

McCain seemed to really hit him hard on quite a few issues.

Overall, I would have to say McCain.

Trader Rick said...

McCain won handily but did not land the knockout blow he needed to. I threw up in my mouth a couple of times at the whoppers Osama was telling--this debate will not change anything. Get ready for "Spread the wealth" (communism)--McCain should have looked Obama right in the eye and said "You're a socialist--that's what Spread the Wealth is", then turned and looked right in the camera, and told America that Obam's brand of Socialism didn't work in the Soviet Union, it can't be implemented without a totalitarian government and it's wrong for America and why. He didn't. Point to Osama. Spread the wealth sounds real good unless you unmask it for what it is...

Gayle said...

McCain kept Obama on the defensive throughout most of the debate and did much better in the last debate, but I think as long as Wall Street continues to yo-yo the way it's been doing, that we're in trouble. Too many Americans erroneously blame Republicans for this crisis. I would have been happier with the debate if McCain had stressed exactly who is really responsible for the mess the economy is in and how he would go after the crooks!

I also believe ACORN is going to be a gift in disguise. More keeps coming out about it, and it could prove to be Obama's undoing. All we can do now is wait it out... and pray.