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Friday, October 17, 2008

Barack Obama's New Kind Of Politics: Updated

We have been hearing for almost two years now about how Barack is going to bring a new kind of politics to Washington but little about what that means. I have a good idea what it means just by what has gone on during his campaign. Critics of any aspects of his policies or who he has chosen to be associated with are immediately tarred as racists and his gargoyles in the media will swoop in to feast on any garbage they can find.

His thought police are knocking on your door should you utter something they don't like. His supporters physically attack McCain/Palin supporters openly. His supporters spread nasty rumors about Sarah Palin and proudly wear teeshirts calling her a c**t. Twelve year old little girls are called racist for wearing a shirt in support of Sarah Palin. I can also attest to the nasty comments and emails I have received for writing the truth about Obama.

You can also be assured the Democrats will attempt to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine to shut down conservative talk radio and heavily regulate the internet to shut down bloggers that express opinions they don't like. Union thugs will be set loose to force unionization through card check and the elimination of secret ballots.

Yep that is the change we can believe in.

Update: Ace has some interesting stuff about Obama's lawyers going after those investigating Obama's ACORN voter fraud schemes, here and here and this one is related about outright fraud.


Roadhouse said...

Goat, check out the video on my blog this week and tell me what you think of it.

Tom the Redhunter said...

Yup, Barack Obama does have a problem with the First Amendment. So we can imagine how much fun life will be if he's elected.

I'm not giving up until all the votes are in...and established as legitimate and counted accurately.