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Friday, October 31, 2008

Arnold Swartzenneger Rallies The Crowd For McCain In Ohio

Heck Arnie has been elected twice here in very blue California and McCain is very popular here so who knows. This is a very good warm up speech, the best line,"McCain has served his country longer in a POW prison than Obama has in the US Senate". The crowd is large and very fired up.

Lets stick it to the ObaMSM and elect McCain/Palin and then enjoy the collective breakdown on the left.


Trader Rick said...

Great Line by the Governator--where has he been?????

suek said...

Arnie's a RINO...he sleeps with the enemy (so to speak).

He _thinks_ he's a Republican, but the facts are clear - his actions as governor belie his words...he's no Conservative, even if he does belong to the Repubs. Either that or he's just a wimp. A political wimp, but a wimp nevertheless. All talk, no guts.

Goat said...

Rick he has had a lot to deal with out here we have had serious budget problems and battles over it.
Suek, He has done a fair job especially considering the whacky lefties he has to contend with that are in the majority in the state house. He has managed to hold the line on taxes, drivers licenses for illegals and quite a few other things.

knowitall said...

Arnold is wanting the best for our country, and he knows first hand that socialism can kill this country economy wise. He does not agree with the left-wing illuminati, and he made that clear.