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Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Fraud And Violence On Behalf Of Obama

There are two big stories flying around the blogosphere today that the ObaMSM won't tell you about. The first is about how easily it is to make fraudulent donations online to Obama's campaign and the second is another McCain supporter gets robbed and beaten by an Obama supporter. I am not going to go into details on that one but you can find the details at Ace's here and here.

Obma has been stting all kinds of fundraising records since his campaign began raising and spending more than Bush and Kerry did combined in '04. Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs started noting all kinds of funny business as early as July and even the NYT noted some very strange names on his donor lists, like Qwerty. Look at the top alphabet row of your keyboard. So how much of that 650 million he has raked in comes from illegal foreign donations or people giving way over the legal limit in small increments under made up names? There is no way to find out since Obama keeps it all under the table and won't release the records of those that give under $200.

If you have ever purchased anything online with a credit card you know the precautions the merchants go through to make sure that it is you making that purchase. Well those checks don't exist at Obama's site as readers of several blogs proved today by making small donations on their credit cards with bogus names and addresses, Ace of Spades, Hot Air, Powerline and The Corner most notably. This enables Obama to raise untold millions from foreigners and allows others to go way over the Federal limit. It also pumps up his bragged total of "new" donors giving small amounts. Add that to at least two reports of outright credit card ID theft fraud and something very smelly is going on in Chicago.

Wouldn't it be sweet if after Obama loses that he all of a sudden finds himself a couple hundred million in debt and under investigation from credit card companies and the FEC for fraud? He is obviously trying to steal this election by hook and or by crook but hey it is the Chicago way. He is combining donor fraud and voter fraud in the most corrupt campaign ever run outside Chicago, not to mention intimidation and threats of violence if we dare to not elect him. Well I would rather be called a racist than have an inexperienced, radical marxist what ever he looks like leading this country.


suek said...

Looks like the McCain supporter beating may be a fake - just another slightly unbalanced person trying for 20 minutes of fame.

The jury's still out, but the police are requesting a polygraph.

Gayle said...

She is a fake. It's only a matter of time before the liberals try to blame her actions on the McCain campaign.

It would be sweet indeed if Obama found himself under investigation for fraud, because he is certainly guilty of it. The liberals can call us whatever they want to, because we know who we are. :)