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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yard Sign Vandalism

I have not been able to get any McCain/Palin signs or I would have them up. I do have a sign supporting Yes on 8, a California initiative to protect marriage as between a man and a woman, and it was vandalized last night. I was able to tape it back together though and repost it on my fence. The left just can't stand free speech.


Trader Rick said...

Yeah, our local news had a story about yard signs torn up in Ft. Wayne--The Obama signs were left intact.

I don't worry about ours--we don't even allow democrats on the ballot in THIS county.

Go Gators! Beat Tide in SEC Championship!!

Gayle said...

I couldn't find any either, Goat, but I haven't seen any Obama/Biden signs around here either, thank goodness!

mnotaro said...

Yes, we are from SoCal and the Yes on 8 signs are being stolen...not just vandalized...taken! The left wing illuminati can not stand for someone to have a different opinion than they do!

knowitall said...

The left will take away our freedom of speech under the liberal illuminati, and we will all be mute.