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Friday, October 17, 2008

This Is Why Sarah Palin Inspires Us Regular Folks So Much

She speaks to us as one of us, she has been there done that and is doing it today. I wish we could split her into fifty clones to send to all the states to campaign at once but I as a blogger will do the second best thing I can do and post great clips when I find them. Via Hot Air

Yes Americans have no reason to be ashamed of their country or apologize to anyone. I know I have zero desire to live in a Euro-socialist state or a banana republic like Obama/Pelosi/Reid would usher in. The only people that can stop that is us the voters before that is stripped away by Obama trained ACORN and their regime of fraud.

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Tom the Redhunter said...

She is awesome, that is certainly true. Great video.

One reason I like her is that the left hates her so much. For that matter, the country club Republicans don't like her either (think Peggy Noonan), which also endears her to me.

There are two things driving our ticket; anti-Obama sentiment and pro-Palin. Few people are really excited by John McCain.

Whatever happens this election, Sarah Palin is not going away. You can bet she'll be a finalist in future GOP presidential primaries.