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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden The Vice-Presidential Debate

Well tonight's the night when the Barracuda gets to take on the Bloviator on the big stage in front of an anxious nation. The left is hoping she falls on her face and the right is just waiting for gaffe a minute Biden to just open his mouth. I know one thing is sure, Sarah Palin is no light weight in debate and she should not be underestimated.

I have seen a lot of flap around the net that Gwen Ifil is writing a book about Obama and other black politicians due out on inaugeration day and therefore she has a conflict if interest as moderator. I am not to worried about it but I think it would be wise of Palin to call her on it in her opening remarks by congratulating her for it. She could also slip in an underhand dig at Biden's known plagirism by saying at least Gwen is writing it herself. Sarah Palin has a quick wit and can stick the knife in with a smile as her opponents in Alaska have acknowledged.

I am sure the Biden team has been studying her Alaska gubanatorial debates to get an idea of her style and the Palin team has been studying his. The key is if Palin can get under his skin early and force himoff his game from what I understand team McCain has taken the leash off the pitbull in lipstick and she is ready to go on the attack. We'll see and I will be adding my commentary as usual.

PS: While we are waiting don't miss this great story in the WaPo about Sarah Palin's background, way more than a match for that scrappy kid from Scranton, she's tough as nails and won't be cowed by Biden or anybody.

Update: Joe opens right up with a lie about failed economic policy, the economy has grown for 72 straight month's and the Democrats blocked oversight of Fannie and Freddie. Sarah brings up McCain's call for reform two years ago that was blocked by Democrats, good for her. The fundamentals are strong its the fundamentals of the left in Washington are what are weak. Sarah is hitting her points well.
Biden is lying again saying Obama was warning about the sub-prime market but he didn't, his allies in ACORN were fighting for those sub-prime loans. Go Barracuda go, the teeth are flashing!

Update:Biden lies again, you can't give tax breaks to 95% of the people when 30% of the people don't pay any taxes. Sarah Palin is middle class and she has run a small business and a family and a state. She is winning hands down so far. Biden is swimming straight into Barracuda patrolled waters. She already has Biden hot under the collar and he is lying through his teeth, she's smiling, he's frowning.

Update: Biden is lying again about McCain's across the board taxcuts for corporations and businesses its not just for oil companies. Those are the job creators and taxing them harder just drives them away, it sure doesn't bring them in. Biden is an idiot tax and spend liberal with a 35 year record of it in the Senate, Palin is a reformer with a real record of that.

Update: Global warming, Biden believes it is man made Sarah thinks we might contribute to it. It is a myth but I won't go in to it here. Biden is just repeating typical liberal talking points that I have debunked many times on these pages including just this week.

Update: Both are against redefining marriage and support gays being able to enter whatever contractual agreements they want.

Update: Biden lies again saying McCain supports endless war in Iraq, he doesn't. He is just against set timelines.

Update: Palin is holding her own with Biden on foreign policy considering Biden is lying his ass off. Obama has too much support in the Middle East to say he is a friend of Israel and has allocated money to palestinian causes in the past.

Update: Palin appears confident and sharp, Biden has to exagerate, lie and relies and old lefty talking points. Sarah hits him with the there you go again line. She is authentic, Biden is a crusty old donkey from DC that is way out of touch with the everyday Joe sixpack.
Education policy again I wonder if what Obama/Biden supports is Bill Ayers' indoctrination agenda.

Update: Ugh, Biden is making faces as Palin is speaking, not good, what a freaking jerky idiot.

Update: Palin hits on American exceptionalism and her real life experience as a person.

Wrap up: Biden lied dozens of times, Palin was very clear and articulate and was able to connect with main street. Biden came across as some what angry and negative, Palin as positive and the happy warrior. Biden's class warfare does not work against Palin and won't with her back ground. I think she realted to the American people far better than Biden did.
I thought Gwenn Ifil did a good job and asked good questions. It was a good debate and I am sure partisans on both sides will declare their person the winner. I for one think the Barracuda ate Biden for lunch with a slash and dash approach.

Update: I see from the comments coming in from the Obama trolls that she really scored big. They are scared that Biden got blown out and all they have is to call me narrow minded and biased, well I am biased, I am a conservative Republican. I won't post their crap so I don't know why they bother typing.

Update: I have very rarely gotten a hit from google blog search but that has dominated my sitemeter for the last hour or so, let the astroturfing begin, LOL, fucking Obama trolls. Biden got eaten alive by the Barracuda and they can't handle it, poor things.

Update: I might as well post some of the comments I have received right here for your enjoyment, they don't defend Biden they attack me, typical moonbat idiots.

From Tim, insinuating I haven't done any candidate research, hahahahaha.

This seems really one sided. I wonder if you actually did any research on both politicians. Maybe you should check it out.

From Raj saying I am biased against Bidem, I am but he is still a blatant liar.
Wow! This article, along with the updates, is so obviously biased that it's clear I should read elsewhere in order to get a straight view on what happened! All one needs do is read the first few words of each "Update", to see that this entire page is totally biased against Biden no matter what. I didn't know that anyone was so close-minded. Wow.

From a gutless anonymous astroturfer, note the I am a republican part, typical seminar comment.
YOUR BLOG IS B.s. Palin is a joke and embarrassing to us all!
Im a republican and Joe Biden won, and she look stupid.

And my favorite which exemplifies the Obama camp, they need to pull their face out of their bongs from another nobody anonymous.
Jesus, I don't know what debate you where watching, but whatever you are smoking, I want some :).

What freaking foolish idiots, Palin rocked, Biden sucked and America saw it.


Coyote said...

She was awesome.

SouthernRoots said...

I listened to the start on the radio. I thought Sarah got off to a slow start.

When asked who was to blame, Palin blamed the predatory lenders, but left out the stupid acts of congress that virtually forced predatory lending. Biden blamed McCain. Lame.

Since I had it recorded, I watched it with my wife and I noticed that Palin seemed to become more comfortable. She confidently looked at "me" and talked to "me". Biden talked to Ifell, Palin, the live audience and sometimes he looked at "me".

Biden rattled off a lot of numbers and statistics and did it very well, but he spoke of 100 million households getting tax breaks (I think he meant people...) Of the 95% of taxpayer getting tax breaks, how does he give a tax break to the 40% that don't pay income taxes? Wouldn't that mean that only 55% get a break?

Also, when does the Obama tax break kick in - before or after the Bush tax cuts expire?

Palin held her own. She spoke directly to the camera, looked like she was having fun and exhuding confidence.

Biden, while good with the numbers, looked less comfortable and didn't look into the camera as often. There were many times he looked as if he wasn't enjoying himself. He did not exhude confidence.

Trader Rick said...


Biden's blood was all over the stage. In his mind he was pleading with Gwen, "Help me, for God's Sake, help me! You're for Obama."

And Gwen replying, "you know I can't, Joe--just keep telling lies--it'll be over soon!"

Jungle Mom said...

She did very well, unfortunately, some people do not vote on issues or truth.