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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Case Against Barack Obama

Mary Katherine Ham, and Guy Benson with help from Ed Morrisey have put together a great comprehensive post on the many reasons Obama is not fit to be President with about a dozen videos of Obama in his own words. This is one of the best posts explaining this I have seen but the sad part about it is it only scratches the surface of just how deeply flawed a candidate he is besides his extremely thin resume and lack of accomplishment.

They do hit on many key points, his extreme pro-abortion position, his socialist tax policies, his radical associates, his lack of foreign policy experience and judgement as highlighted by his running mate this weekend, his disdain for middle America, his obsession with playing the race card, and his lack of any accomplishment. They also provide dozens of links to related articles.

I might as well add this clip of our Sarah Barracuda slashing into Biden's comments on what will happen if Obama is elected, boy is she good on the stump, a natural. This was at a rally that drew over twenty thousand in a town of 50,000 and a county of 100,000 in Colorado.(If the MSNBC video doesn't show up you can see it here)

And here is John "The Mustache" Bolton doing the same with Sean Hannity featuring the Biden audio. Biden is basically saying Obama is going to get tested and is going to screw it up and we all know that means Iran and Israel.

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