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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PUMA Inside Scoop

The gals over at Hillbuzz, a PUMA site, report they are hearing from Hillary insiders that McCain is poised to take not only Ohio but New Hampshire, Maine, Iowa and Pennsylvania as well. It seems the enthusiasm for Obama is very low in those states, very few signs or bumper stickers and they really like the Palins. Granted I live in a conservative part of California and have seen a few McCain signs I have seen no Obama signs or stickers here either even when I head into Sacramento unlike Kerry stickers and signs that were all over.

My fellow Republicans this thing ain't over yet even the scewed polls are tightening. Another thing to consider is that the PUMAs have been instructing their members for weeks if polled to say they are voting for Obama. They want the Obama people over confidant that they think they have this in the bag and won't show up to vote. Again my thanks to the PUMA blogs as they often do more to lift my spirits than many of the Republican blogs I read. It looks like many of the Reagan Democrats that went back for Clinton are now crossing over again to McCain on the same issues national security and taxes, they have no stomach for an appeasocrat socialist empty suit with ties to terrorists domestic and foreign, Ayers, Dohrn, Khalidi, and Auchi to name just a small handful.

PS: Don't miss this post from Ace that references a commenter at another Hillbuzz post on Obama advisor David Axelrod's astroturfing efforts. I used to get the Obama trolls till they figured out I moderate my comments and won't post their BS.

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knowitall said...

These swing states will go behind the GOP, like they have always done, aside from when a few left-wing illuminati has snuck in.