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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hahahahahaha Hate Mail Of The Day

I have little if any tolerance for idiot Obama trolls leaving their bile all over my comment section so I rarely post them since I don't have time to argue with bricks but I will post them on the front page from time to time. I just got this one from a pissed off Kenny because I won't let him use my comment section as a restroom to shit all over.

You sir are a true coward! You hide behind your blog, and allow no one
to contribute one damned comment that does not agree with your agenda.
You are a true conservative! You have absolutely no consideration for
other peoples opinions. Just like McCain and Palin, you may have your
say here on the internet. However your lies and hate speech, will come
back to haunt you.

Ken Sturmer

Umm Kenny its my damn site and I can post or not post whatever I feel like. There are no lies or hate speech posted here only facts you trolls don't like about your chosen one. I would like for you to point out one lie and prove it. Where have I conducted hate speech? I reject right wingers too that post idiocy so you have no basis to complain. I reiterate, it is my damn site and if you don't like it don't visit it. I am a partisan conservative Republican with zero patience for dealing with moonbat punks so go back to mommy's basement and complain to your friends at Kos. And Are threatening me?

Ps: Email me again and I will report you to your ISP for harassment. You are in Tampa, use Roadrunner and your IP address is

Update: The goofball has a blog no one reads according to technorati that is full of "hate speech" and "lies" about McCain/Palin and he wants to charge me, talk about projection.


Trader Rick said...

And a good damn site it is!
Roll Tide Roll!

Tapline said...

Goat, Well, we all get them from time to time. Bobo had a good post about Ob's friends, I tried and tried to comment finally I got through, I think someone is trying something with his blog....keep plugging...stay well...

Ron Simpson said...

The amount of troll shit on a website is proof to me that it is a good one. Piss off a lot of moonbat trolls and I probably agree with you.