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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Strange Happenings In Obama's Closet

I guess the media is to busy digging in dumpsters in Wasilla, Alaska and in Joe the plumber's garbage cans to investigate some real stories about presidential candidate Obama. They are ignoring Bill Ayers and the Annenburg Challenge which is Obama's sole claim to executive leadership and a whole host of other shady friends. Here are a few other stories they are ignoring that would be continuous news if he was a Republican that are very important.

Joe the plumber's tax liens is news but Obama's treasurer's isn't.

The McCain's seven houses, condos is news but not the strange way Obama got his with its ties to Tony Rezko and shady bank deals.

Sarah Palin firing a subordinate for good reasons is news but Obama's ethical breaches aren't.

Were Obama staffers directed to vote illegaly in Ohio? Why is his attorney trying to parse the words "permanent resident" and "temporary"? And what about these campaign workers?

Why are his attornies going after those investigating voter fraud? Are they afraid it will lead back to Obama before he can steal the election and then bury it?

Amid reports of illegal donations from foreigners and over limit donations by small amounts from some oddly named folks comes the second report of credit card ID theft giving the max amount to Obama for America keyed in from Chicago.

The NYT has time to troll around Facebook and email teenagers trying to dig up dirt on Cindy McCain but ignores Michelle Obama's many inflammatory remarks and the massive raise she got after her employer got some pork money from Barack.

Lets see we have voter intimidation, and here, voter fraud, credit card fraud, and funny fundraising all coming from the Obama campaign. When will the media, our so called watch dogs, investigate all this instead of going after a private citizen that dared to ask the One a tough question? If this doesn't demonstrate a double standard and outright bias I don't know what does.

Update: You gotta luv the Obamaniacs, just got a cowardly anonymous comment aimed at me not the charges leveled.

Don't post my comment at all. I just want to state that you are just an idiot, and I think you should be told. There I said it.

It was on an older post in the same vein as this one. Maybe it should look in the mirror to find out who the real idiot is.


shoprat said...

Obama wants to replace our system with a dear leader and that explains everything he does.

Tapline said...

And the list gets longer with no follow-up. Where is the outcry??or what gives with this country...I think as OB's preacher frinds says " The chickens have come home to roost". All that brainwashing going on for years has finally borne fruit..and is ripe for the harvest...stay well...