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Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama Admits His Marxist Tax Plan

He intends to take more money from those that have been successful and pay the most in taxes already and give it to people who don't pay any taxes. That is marxism pure and simple, welfare through the taxcode. This plumber asks Obama about his taxplan and Obama explains socialism to him, he wants to "spread the wealth" around he says. He wants everyone to be equally poor and dependent on government largess.

Obama wonders why so many jobs go over seas, its because we have the second highest business tax rate in the world. He clearly does not understand how a capitalist economy works and he doesn't understand why socialist ones fail everytime. He clearly believes all that socialist mumbo jumbo he has been hearing from all his socialist/communist buddies all these years about social justice and such.

Here is an easy way to explain it to the young folks that like Obama. Say you go out and mow a few yards for some spending money but I as your father am going to take half of it away from you and give it to your brother who didn't go do some work so he will have an equal amount of spending money. How would that make you feel? Well that is what Obama is proposing, of course the kid who does nothing will love it and the kid who worked hard will hate it. The best thing is to allow the one kid who made the money to offer to let the one who didn't come along next time and help earn it for a portion of the pay. That is how business works and grows and lifts both kids not building up one at the expense of the other.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Hey, the good news is that Dyn-O-Bama is finally being honest! Just in time for election day.

Trader Rick said...

A recent poll states that 1/5 of dimocrats would welcome higher taxes--this it unbelievable!!!!

suek said...

Or how about every kid in the class gets the same grade?

I have a SIL who has recently retired as a teacher. She went to work after raising three kids, so was an older teacher, and started out as a long term substitute for a math class that had turned into a circus. At the end of the school year, she failed some of the kids. Parents objected, and the principal pretty much said change grades or lose your job for next year. She said the kids hadn't done the work, and she wouldn't change their grades. Oddly enough, she was rehired the next year.
Now why do I mention this? Because my SIL is a lib like you wouldn't believe. In college, she was even a member of SDS (in the 60s). We rarely discuss politics for obvious reasons.
The inconsistency of her positions boggles my mind.

Gayle said...

Obama actually wonders why so many companies go overseas??? Is he brain dead? That should be apparent to anyone who made it through basic math!