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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rashid Khalidi On Obama

How a person of the Jewish faith or sympathetic to the nation of Israel could support Obama is beyond me. He attended an anti-semitic "church" for twenty years and has been endorsed by all of America's and Israel's enemies around the world. That is the only reason the LA Times would not be releasing that tape, it shows Obama at a party with raging anti-semites and toasting one of them,PLO and Yasser Arafat spokesman Rashid Khalidi, before he went to fill the Edward Said chair at Columbia Univ. That is Edward Said sitting to Obama's left.

Obama also helped funnel large amounts of money to Khalidi's through the Woods Fund.

According to journalist John Batchelor:

“Mr. Khalidi is said to have made Mr. Obama's acquaintance when they were colleagues at the University of Chicago, with Mr. Obama a lecturer at the law school and Mr. Khalidi a professor in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. In Chicago in 1995, Mr. Khalidi and his wife Mona founded the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), a group associated with confrontational statements of support for Palestinians and antagonism toward Israel. In 2001 and again in 2002, the Woods Fund of Chicago, with directors [Bill] Ayers and Obama, made grants of $40,000 and $35,000 to the AAAN. Importantly, the AAAN vice-president Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada has remembered Mr. Obama's speaking in 1999 against ‘Israeli occupation’ at a charity event for a West Bank refugee camp; and Mr. Abunimah … has also recalled Mr. and Mrs. Obama at a fundraiser held for the then-Congressional candidate Obama in 2000 at Rashid and Mona Khalidi's home, where Mr. Obama made convincing statements in support of the Palestinian cause.”

Much more on Khalidi can be found here.

It seems Senator Obama has been far more comfortable associating with radicals far outside of the American mainstream than with ordinary Americans he considers to be bitter because we love freedom.


Denise-Mary said...

Awaiting the results of the election will be the longest five days of my life since my husband passed away eleven years ago. As I posted elsewhere, I am glad he is not here to have experienced this presidential campaign. He was a veteran of the Korean War (23 years my senior so, no, I'm not quite "that" old yet:) and an American flag was draped over his coffin at his funeral. He had earned that honor.

He believed, decades ago, that our nation would succumb to an "inside take-over" by the Communist Party, and people laughed at him then, so eventually he kept his thoughts to himself (except to share them with me...)

Let us hope we will ALL be laughing on November 5 when McCain wins. This is not to say the fight will be over. Far from it. But at least we will have been given a reprieve to deal with the Khalidis of the world.

EnquiringMind said...

Actually the reason that the Times won't release the tape is because they were allowed to see it on two conditions. One, that it not be made public & two, the person who sent the tape remains anonymous. It's about protecting their sources & keeping their word. If they started giving up their sources & going back on their word they wouldn't last long in the journalism business.

Goat said...

Enquiring Mind, the LA Slimes is failing anyway so why not regain a little credibility by at least releasing a transcript. At the rate they are going they won't even exist in a few years.

knowitall said...

This is a terrorist, and why are the mainstream media illuminati even entertaining what he has to say? They didn't find it necessary to release the tape, so keep his comments out of the news now.