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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Surprise, CNN Looks Into Obama Ayers Connection

This is actually an honest bit of real investigatve journalism that the MSM has tried to avoid though bloggers Tom Maguire, Steve Diamond and NRO writer Stanley Kurtx did all the leg work for them already.

Of course if Sarah Palin had not started talking about it on the campaign trail the MSM would have continued to ignore it. People that are just starting to tune into the race and didn't know much about the charismatic Senator from Illinois will be repulsed by Obama's many radical friends. Just judging from the number of hits I am getting lately on what I have written about them interest is growing rapidly. I doubt this will hurt him with his base since they think the same as Ayers but it will bother those in the center where this election will be won or lost.

Update: Unreal, just now on Hugh Hewitt's show, Chris Cilliza, a WaPo political writer, just said he did not know who Obama associate Rashid Khalidi was. I am just a dumb redneck ignorant hick and I know, he was a PLO money man that Obama is good friends with, no wonder the MSM is losing credibility to the blogosphere.

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