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Monday, October 20, 2008

Video Obama Doesn't Want You To See About Ayers ACORN and Him

It does a good job of tying Obama, Ayers and Acorn together in a nice tight knot, via Confederate Yankee.

Meanwhile Stanley Kurtz puts a few more pieces together and Gateway Pundit has pictures of the tiny office building where Obama, Ayers and Klonsky worked on the same floor for three years, just occasionally crossed paths eh. I will note again that the Weather Underground was formed in the late sixties and operated through the seventies into the late eighties.

Obama and his surrogates can deny it all they want but the facts are out there now thanks to some intrepid bloggers. It is even suspect that Ayers helped Obama extensively with his books even ghost writing vast portions.

Again I don't care what Ayers did thirty odd years ago with his bombing its what he worked with Obama on, education policy. Ayers seeks to teach that all the world's ills can be attributed to America and capitalism. He wants to indoctrinate the youth to be little radical grievance mongers pining for social justice, AKA socialism AKA communism. He is part of the Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill school of thought that pervades liberal academia that America is inherently evil and needs to be changed. Just look at what Obama has proposed in the form of mandatory community service and what his wife has said about what Obama is going to do. The youth of America shouldn't be praising him they should be deathly afraid of him.


The Griper said...

a little coincidence, i just published a post on this subject also. think i'll add this video to it . ty goat.

suek said...

It just occurred to me that _this_ is why Obama wants _every_ child in America to be able to go to college. The schools are still subject to local controll, and even though the texts are usually dictated through the State, teachers still have some autonomy, and parents still have some input. The colleges and universities, on the other hand, are almost entirely in the control of the Socialists. It's their last chance to "properly" indoctrinate the population, and ferret out those who don't have the "right" views as well as elevate those who _do_ have the "right" views.

Gayle said...

What Suek said is exactly why I sent my granddaughter to a technical college, Goat.

Great video and commentary. The youth of America should be deathly afraid of Obama, as you said, but unfortunately the brains of our youth are extremely pliable, and most young people think they are indestructable and aren't afraid of much of anything.

If Obama gets in, we will see very quickly who he really is. It will take years to clean up the mess. He can't possibly keep the promises he has made - not in this economy - so the people thinking they are going to be getting a lot of free rides had better think again. Also, our enemies will test Obama soon after he gains office, just like Biden said. I can't believe Biden admitted that, but he did. At any rate, time alone will tell.