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Saturday, October 04, 2008


An Obama troll named Jim left this comment, is all they have worn out talking point lies that have been debunked many times?

If this is the best you can do between now and November McCain's campaign is over. The American people are now focused on the sick economy which the GOP has trashed in just 8 years; they want real health care reform, an end to a senseless war that has killed and maimed thousands of their children and wasted $500 billion of our tax money; they want real and meaningful regulation of Wall Street an the banking industry; they want tax equity; and serious attention to the global environmental crisis. The old mud just won't work any more. That's why all polls, from Gallup to Rasmussen to Research2000 have shown a 10-13% shift to Obama, nationally, and the electoral map is truly lopsided now. McCain's watchword had been integrity and if he goes negative, he'll look even more erratic than he's seemed in the last 2 weeks, which won't help.

First of all the Bush economy has grown for over 72 months and didn't begin to slow down till the Democrats took over. Yes we want health care reform that takes the trial lawyers out of the equation but not DMV health care run by bureaucrats. kleptocrats in Washington.The Democrats policies caused the financial problems not the GOP's. There is no environmental crisis. Geez, these idiots need to pull their heads out of their bongs and smell some reality beyond their marijuana induced hallucinations. Freaking moonbats, all they have is moveon talking points and not an original thought in their tiny minds.

I will add to this post to further make this idiot look even more like one, I just don't have time right now.

Update: Funny his site is about space science but he seems to know very little about our sun and its influence on our weather or climate. You know it is all man's and George Bush's fault, typical moonbat. I will try to provoke him on sun spots and oceanic cycles that do influence our climate and not CO2 emissions.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

The level of ignorance among the Libs is unprecedented.

Trader Rick said...

You are right, he is wrong.