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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wow A Positive Story About Sarah Palin On MSNBC

This is why the left hates and fears her so much, she's so real so genuine, a very different special kind of politician. Just watch the video, via Hot Air and have a tissue handy.

All the attacks by the moonbats on her and her son Trig have ignited a group of people to show up and support her and by extension John McCain that may have cared little about politics in the past.


Denise-Mary said...

Oh my, yes, this was definitely a tissue video. I am voting Republican for the first time in my life, and so very much want to see this exceptional person in the White House. Please notice I did not say "woman." Palin is, first, an exceptional person. Imagine what she and McCain might accomplish not just for special needs children, but adults as well? I would donate to any cause she asked me to - and that's the difference between a democracy and socialism - when we willingly give to "a cause greater than ourselves," rather than (Senator) Government demanding that we do. Thank you so much for posting this very touching video.

Goat said...

Denise, I agree Sarah Palin is an exceptional person, even this grouchy goat needed a tissue. Way back in elementary school I was one of the few kids that stood up for the special needs kids and I feel blessed for it today. They may not be as capable as the rest of us but their determination and love is an inspiration to us all. One of my best friend's brother was a Downs Syndrome kid so I learned first hand, he was smart just in a different way.

I am one that supports letting these kids into regular classes with some additional support and against isolating them or killing them before they are born.

I think pitbull with lipstick is understated, Sarah is more a momma grizzly bear wearing lipstick.