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Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Bill Ayers And His Weather Underground Wanted To Do If They Were Successful

Their original intent was to overthrow the US Government and set up a Maoist communist system, ie Red China. For "peaceniks" they sure chose a violent regime to replicate and planned to reducate or eliminate at least 25 million Americans if need be. Confederate Yankee found this video from an '82 documentary of an interview with an FBI informant within the organization.

They were not successful in that effort so many of those radicals took to academia and other influential areas to work from inside the system to indoctrinate the youth over a couple generations into their way of thinking. I guess they decided that the reeducation camps would be our school and university system and they have done well from what I can tell.Outside the sciences the universities don't teach a damn thing useful in the real world.

Meanwhile Zombie the intrepid protest photojournalist has dug up a copy of Bill Ayers' "Prairie Fire", the little red book of the time, basically a communist manifesto for the modern era written as they bombed their way across America. Again this was happening in the '70s and '80s not the '60s as Obama and the ObaMSM like to report. This a must read report of what Zombie discovered complete with plenty of high resolution scans of actual pages from the Weather Underground's Manifesto. This was released in '74 while Obama was being mentored by another communist Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama must be spooked by all this information flooding out as he has sent out at least two campaign letters to Va. voters in an attempt to tamp the story down. His longtime association with Bill Ayers disqualifies him from holding high level security clearances and certainly disqualifies him from being the POTUS. Obama may not agree with Ayers' earlier ideas but he must agree with his education plans since he funded them to the tune of millions while with the Chicago Annenburg Challenge and the Woods Fund while also giving substantial amounts to his pastor Rev. God Damn America Wright's marxist black liberation theology school of thought. Simply put Obama is not the centrist he and the ObaMSM has sought to portray but he is a far left radical that wants to change this nation in a very far left way. That is the change you can believe in.

I might as well add this video of Megyn Kelley eviscerating an academic for his support of Bill Ayers, like I said above the hippies went into academia for the sole purpose of indoctrination. Ayers may be mainstream there but he is not on main street America. Via Hot Air.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

And he is teaching America's sons and daughters. I've said it before: parents of students at that university should sue for theft of tuition.

Trader Rick said...

I love Megyn, but it makes me sick to listen to this troll. He is an evil man, period. He sends shivers up my spine. Demonic is the word that comes to mind. I bet Megyn wished she had a cross to hold up at him...She is a brave girl indeed.

Gayle said...

I have the first video too, and saw the second one on Fox News. I wouldn't be able to be polite to that sob, so it would be impossible for me to ever have to try to be a "fair-and-balanced" interviewer. I don't know how Megan could stand it! I don't know how anyone can be reasonable with such sickos!

mnotaro said...

These liberal illuminati are a joke! They are in such denial...saying Ayers and Obama have no relationship, then saying oh yes they do, but he's not a terrorist, then but yes he was a terrorist, but not now....what exactly is the story?!