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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Shout Out To The PUMAs, Thank You

We appreciate what you are doing to help support McCain/Palin. I admit that if we are to have a Democrat as President I would prefer to have it be Hillary instead of Obama. I can also empathize with y'all over what I saw in your primaries and what we are experiencing now. We tried to help with operation chaos but it wasn't enough. We can beat this poseur empty suit with your help then we can happily go at it again in four years.

My GOP friends need to read this excellent post by a PUMA that was linked by Atlas Shrugs in an open letter to us.

Like millions of other PUMAs, the only thing I’ve decided about this election is that under no circumstances would I be voting for Barack Obama. However, like millions of other PUMAs I have also realized that the only way to ensure that Barack Obama is not elected President is if John McCain wins on November 4th.

In the last few months, I have watched with amazement as you have worked hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the Presidential election. In your public and private utterances you have been pessimistic, downcast, fatalistic and have shown signs of being mentally out of the game.

How easily you forget that compared to Barack Obama, in John McCain you not only have a candidate who was legitimately elected by your party, but you have a better candidate, a better message, and a better connection to Main Street, USA. Despite all this you carry on like the election is over and Barack Obama has already won.

It is sad that compared to the rank and file of the GOP, PUMAs are more steadfast in their belief that an Obama presidency is not inevitable. All over the MSM, in the blogosphere and in conversations with people everywhere, members of the GOP who should still be fighting the good fight are talking like a party that has already lost. Why should this be so?

As the saying goes read the whole thing. It should sting a bit, they are working harder for our candidates than many of us are. Forget what the Beltway pundits are saying since they are more concerned with maintaining their standing with the cocktail crowd than they are with us.

Now is not the time to sit on your hands and complain now is the time to act.

Some PUMA blogs I recommend are:
No Quarter
Liberal Rapture

They know more about Obama's tactics than we do after dealing with him and his supporters on a much closer basis than we have and have some excellent insight into how to defeat him.


Denise-Mary said...

Very much appreciate your posting this. As stated before, I'm a lifelong former Dem who has supported McCain since May of this year. Along the way, I've read far too many comments from longtime Republicans who aren't voting for McCain - not voting for anyone, actually - because their preferred candidate wasn't the nominee.

Do I think someone else would have proven a better candidate than McCain? Actually, yes. But you play the hand you've been given, and McCain is "it."

Let's not lose sight that he's running against a socialist with a corrupt political machine behind him, and a corrupt media behind THAT - and hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes in who-knows-how-many-states anymore. McCain needs every one of our votes! EVERY VOTE COUNTS (unless of course they are whisked away into an unmarked van idling in the alley outside the polling place).

This election goes way beyond candidates, at least IMHO. We will be voting for the America we wish to have one, four, eight years from now, perhaps even decades from now. And once Obama is in office, we'll have great difficulty voting him OUT of it. Those ACORN folks will see to it.

To those undecided or not voting at all - right now, calculate 3% of your gross annual income. That's how much more you'll be paying AT A MINIMUM once Bush's tax cuts run out and BHO doesn't renew them.

I don't make nearly $250,000 - but I don't have to, to be fair game to the Democrats. So long as I earn at least $31,000 a year, I can kiss 3% of it goodbye.

If you can't vote for McCain out of principle, then do it for the sake of your bank account.

ainnj said...

Thanks for the shout out. I don't necessarily consider myself a PUMA but I was a democrat for 32 years and recently became an independant after watching what my party was capable of in trashing the candidate who was my first choice, Sen. Hillary Clinton. Many of us Hillary Clinton supporters who now back John McCain have been shouted down and at for so long that it comes as a pleasant surprise to hear positive remarks for a change. Republican blogs and the more right leaning media outlets were the ONLY ones to yell foul at the misogynistic garbage the obama campaign pulled during the democratic primaries. It was an eye opening experience, to say the least.

Bryan said...

The only thing I can thank Obama for is helping me realize that I am not a liberal, and I don't want my country ran by socilists. This new version of the Democratic Party is very dangerous.

Goat said...

Excellent comments from all!

Ainjj, hey we're nice guys despite what you have heard. Thanks and welcome to the Barnyard!

Bryan, same to you, Welcome, and I encourage my readers to check out your blog. Outstanding! Don't be a stranger!

Anee said...

Excellent post, as a life long democrat I will now be voting for McCain - Palin, with the knowledge that I am doing the right thing.
Obama was selected not elected by the DNC. Obama cannot seal the deal with America because we have discovered what he really stands for... racism, sexism and socialism.
I will not stand by as this country goes down and I am getting off my butt and walking precients in Nevada for McCain - Palin next weekend in Nevada.

Goat said...

I don't post anoymous comments but on occasion they need to be heard so I will post them for them and this is one.

"Great post. I rarely write on these blogs. But wanted to comment on this one. What makes America great is the idea of becoming someone who makes 250K+ if you remove the incentive to get there you remove what has made us great. I don't make that much either, however, some day I hope to, and I also hope to not be punished for it. I currently give more in one year to charity and other worthy causes than Biden has in the last 2 years. I prefer to decide where the money should go. If Obama raises my taxes I will still be fine, assuming I still have a job. However my charitible giving probably will change since Obama will be taking care of the needy. I can only assume he knows better than us on how our money should be spent."

WhatSuddenly said...

I appreciate your post. I'm another life long Dem -- now a PUMA Democrat -- who will cast my first vote for a Republican on Nov 4. Nice to know ya.

Gayle said...

There will obviously be a lot of Democrats voting for Obama, Goat. A lot more than the polls are telling us. I know a very hard-core Democrat who will be voting for a Republican for the first time in her life, and it's not because Obama's Black - although she's been accused of that.

The article you posted is right on. I've been to many blogs where the administrator is saying all is lost. I don't get it! Evidently they believe the pundits and the polls.

Goat said...

Gayle, I think you wrote Obama where you meant to put McCain. The PUMAs don't like Obama anymore than we do and will either stay home or vote for McCain. I don't believe the polls at all since they showed about the same gap in '04 for Kerry. The funny part is many of Obama's young supporters may believe them and not show up thinking its a done deal.