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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin On Drilling In ANWR

(HT: Hotair)
This is the first time I have heard her speak since her name has been floated as a possible VP pick for McCain and all I can say is wow. Like Bobby Jindal she is another rising star in the GOP that I could easily support. The transcript of her interview with Larry Kudlow can be found here if your browser has trouble with Red Lasso as I know some do.


The Griper said...

he chuckles, maybe this women's lib cause is not so bad after all if it produces gals like her.

Goat said...

Yep, she is awesome, hunter, fisher, prolife, reformer, the real deal and attactive to boot.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Where have they been hiding her? She reminded me of Reagan. She was very positive and upbeat, and yet she took a hammer to Obama at the same time.

Gayle said...

Palin is indeed awesome. I saw her interviewed on Fox News yesterday, Goat. She's a winner! I wish McCain would pick her for vice president.