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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Changing Facts and Outdated Narratives

Michael Barone's latest on "Changing Facts" and outdated narratives is a must read with the Iraq war going in the right direction and fuel prices in the wrong one the Republicans can now turn things around. The Democrats now caught in their moonbat web of anti-war zombies, global warming zealots and econuts have a big problem on their hands as the Pelosi/Reid led Congress has led them to the lowest approval ratings in history. Now if the GOP can just capitalize on it 2008 may not be as bad as many feared. The Democrat's nutroots base is going apoplectic over the passing of the FISA bill and the latest war spending bill plus to make matters worse Barack is failing to amend the rifts between him and Hillary's supporters.
With people feeling the pain at the pump and the ripple effect in other sectors of the economy Democrats refusing to allow domestic exploration and Republicans supporting it we have been handed a massive cudgel to beat them soundly with, let the battle begin.


Gayle said...

And it's a very large cudgel, Goat. May we use it well. :)

Tom the Redhunter said...

Not two years ago the Dems were trying to make the elections about Iraq and nothing but Iraq. Today it's the one subject they'll avoid at all costs. Obama doesn't even want to visit the place because he knows that what he finds out will put the lie to what his anti-war leftist advisors are telling him.

We're winning, and they know it.

Tapline said...

Goat, Yes, the GOP has many areas they can capitalize on. I find their advertising machine is in much need of grease. They are really very poor at getting their point across and protecting their own.... Great post and I hope they use energy as a spring board, Trouble is its effects are spilling over into other areas and very soon we will be in real trouble. Why isn't something being done of the freefall of the dollar??????Do we just keep printing more money?????

Goat said...

Tap as far as I know the Fed is doing what they can to strengthen the dollar and it has made gains recently. The markets are nuts right now mainly over concerns about Iran.