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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Enemy Of My Enemy

I don't normally link to lefty sites but these two are actually readable because they oppose Obama as much as those of us on the right side of the political divide do. The split in the Democrats is very real and can't be painted over by a MSM with a tingle up its collective leg. I point you to Liberal Rapture and No Quarter, two Clintonista sites that are actually fun reads. I probably disagree with them on every policy issue but we agree on one thing Obama is a fake poseur put up by the elites in the DNC and will be horrible for the country if elected. The Obamassiah has no clothes. Heck the vitriol coming from some lefty sites is far more than I have seen in any right wing blog. How will the neophyte community organizer respond when he is getting hit from the left and right? He can't move to the center or his far left base will hammer him and he will never get votes from right leaners so he is stuck between the rock and a hard left stance. I doubt there is much more room under that bus before it loses all the traction it had.


Trader Rick said...

My Extreme Right Wing Vitriol has been down lately. I'll visit these sites and see if I can't crank it up a notch!

Goat said...

LOL Rick, they will surely help it along.