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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Americans Reject Socialism

With all the hype over the success of the Obama campaign many commentators have wondered if the country has shifted dramatically to the left but a new Gallup poll shows that not to be the case it appears. Americans soundly reject the idea of the redistribution of wealth 85-13 and that government does too much meddling in our lives 50-43. This would explain why Obama has tacked hard back to the center once he secured the nomination and McCain has even moved more to the right. America is still a center right country that believes in individual liberty and the American dream. Only the Democrats want government to do more while Republicans and independants want the government to do less this should bde well for McCain and the GOP if they stick to the platform that has served them so well of lower taxes and smaller more efficient government.
In a related item JR Dunn has an interesting look at the American left and why they are rejected by most outside of academia and a few big city enclaves. He breaks down the three segments of lefty thought into the wimp left that wants to feel good, the weird left of conspiracy cranks and the hard left of socialist academia. He then goes on to examine how Obama seemingly represents all three of these factions with the soothing rhetoric of hope and change for the wimps, and his long time associations with Wright and Ayers rounding up the other factions. Obama is not mainstream or moderate but a hard core lefty socialist and as more and more people start to see Obama for what he really is, a typical lefty politician, his support will plummet. That is why he did not get a big bump in the polls after Clinton finally conceded and McCain remains very competitive in what should have been a strong year for Democrats.


shoprat said...

That is an incredible study. Very interesting indeed.

Gayle said...

Good news. I'm not hearing about this on the MSM. I keep hearing about how well Obambi is doing! GRRRR!