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Thursday, June 05, 2008

New GOP Ad Hits Rezko Obama Ties

They moved quick on this one for sure and it hits pretty hard. I find it very hard to believe Obama didn't know about the seamy underbelly of Chicago politics that he was part of since Chicago ranks right up there with New Orleans for corruption. Well we know the Democrats aren't concerned about corruption in their ranks only in the Republicans.
HT: Hotair

Obama is not about a new kind of politics, he is the same old liberal politics in a shiny new package of hope and change. Heck even his soaring victory speech Tuesday was a knock off from Mario Cuomo's 1984 speech and full of empty words delivered very well.

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Gayle said...

There is no way Obama didn't know who Rezko was, or what Wright stood for, not after having been in Chicago for twenty years. Obama's excuses are pure and utter BS!

I like that campaign ad, Goat.