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Monday, June 30, 2008

More Oil In Alaska Than Saudi Arabia

I keep up with this issue as best I can and this the first I have heard of the Gull Island find, it appears Alaska may have more oil and natural gas than we have been lead to believe. Heck combine this with the Green River and Bakken formations and America has far more oil than the Middle East and I say we should be going after it! It would keep hundreds of billions of dollars in the US economy and generate hundreds of thousands new high paying jobs. A big hattip to Michael Yost at the Common Conservative for posting this.

This is the first of eight in the series on the energy non-crisis the rest can be found here. I have no reason to doubt this just based on my own limited research. We need to Drill Here, Drill Now and Pay Less, the polar bears, caribou and mosquitos will get over it just fine.

He predicts the gas prices we have today a year and a half ago and I agree with him and I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means. Watch these videos and know what I have been writing about for months is true.

He is a bit Bircheresque but he does make alot of sense.


Trader Rick said...

To NOT drill here, now, is to harm America, both strategically and ecomomically, so anyone against it is against America, and therefore FOR our enemies. Traitors in our eyes. Screw the Reindeer, Santa has enuff. Drill the hell out of the tundra!!! Git 'er done!

shoprat said...

If he is telling the complete truth than it is time to pull all our money out of the middle east and put a fence around it.

Gayle said...

I agree with Shoprat!