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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nut Climbs NYT Building To Hype Global Warming

Alain Robert is well known in climbing circles for his building ascents, crazy frenchy, and today he decided to scale the 52 story New York Times building to raise awareness over global warming, like we don't have enough nuts doing that already. He was followed a couple hours later by a presumed copycat, both were arrested when they reached the top. I love to climb and can climb a brick wall but that is a nutty dangerous stunt. There is video at the link.
Heck I was looking for an excuse to write about climbing again. I have spent many many happy weekends here and sent many of the boulder problems shown(sent means climbed successfully). I love Bishop California!!!!

That is one of my favorite nemesis problems of all times, the Iron Man Traverse, I have come so close so many times, the last couple moves are really hard.

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Gayle said...

It's definitely not for me, Goat. The one and only thing that truly terrifies me is heights! I even took piloting lessons to get over my near phobia, but it did no good whatsoever. Flying doesn't bother me. Being close enough to the ground to relate to it is what bothers me.