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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tony Rezko Verdict, Guilty:Updated

Barack Obama's long time friend, fundraiser and Chicago fixer, Tony Rezko, has been found guilty on 16 of 24 counts in his Federal corruption trial. If this guy had been associated with John McCain in any shape form or fashion it would be the top story for all the talking heads of the alphabet networks and yet I doubt it will get much of a mention since it was their golden boy Obama's friend. I have to wonder who else inside the Illinois political combine will be brought down in this far reaching scandal and how many Rezko is willing to take down with him.
It is amazing that the Democrats have nominated a neophyte with so many corrupt or extremely radical friends but then again they turn a blind eye to that sort of thing in their own party. Barack is simply the most far left radical ever nominated by a major party in this country, well he doesn't quite have the nomination yet but I would say it is pretty certain. He is a gun grabbing marxist that will give up American sovereignty to the UN and drastically raise taxes on all Americans and businesses while socializing healthcare and destroying the economy. How anybody could vote for him is beyond me to comprehend.
Those folks that say they will sit on their hands in November and not vote for McCain have every right to do that but I don't want to hear a damn word when Obama, Pelosi and Reid wreck the country.
Update: Don't miss this Hotair post about Obama's sleazy VP search team, ack.

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Ron Simpson said...

Rush had a montage of all the talking heads saying how Obama was not implicated as they told this story.
Remember Abramoff and how anybody within 6 degrees of him was guilty by association?