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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Do The Democrats Like High Fuel Prices?

Well it is really fairly simple since the Democrat party has largely been taken over by socialists that believe in controlling where people live , work and how they get there. They need to force people to use the public transit systems they have spent billions of taxpayer dollars on in order to justify the expense and have long used higher fuel prices to do just that. They have long opposed the expansion into suburbs and want people all jammed into the collective of the big city socialist structure where it is easier to dictate how we live our lives even to the point of controlling what we eat.
I live in California and this has been obvious for some time and I am sure some of my readers from New York would agree with the trans fat ban and all. They don't like individualism and the power of the individual to control his own life since they know better that living as a collective where everyone is equally poor and enslaved to government bureaucracy is the way it should be. The easiest way to do this is to control access to the energy that runs our economy and gives the individual the ability to grow and possibly become rich with hard work. If you want to see what liberal socialist Democrat policies do to a state just take a look at Michigan or my state where business and brains are fleeing to less oppressive states and if those policies were enacted on a nationwide scale expect them to head to less restrictive countries. Democrats are about power and control not about the little people they "claim" to represent, that is a major reason I became a Republican.


Gayle said...

Amen, Amen, and Amen, Goat! It's hard to understand why it isn't obvious to everyone, isn't it?

You may want to watch this video, "California Police"

SouthernRoots said...

The Democrats have long said that they want us out of our cars, and that higher gas prices and congestion will move us into public transportation.

They are mostly shedding crocodile tears about the higher prices. Any real tears is because the oil companies are getting the profits and not the government, i.e. Dems.

I live in Washington and we have growth management (GMA) and critical areas ordinances (CAO) that resrtict land use to absurd levels.

In King County, the CAO requires land owners with 10+ acres to leave 65% of their property in "a natural state". Of course, the county taxes them on the whole property.

Our Democratic controlled state government has done its best to keep traffic congestion high on major roads. The governor has stated that she wants to get people out of their cars.

The Seattle liberals, due to their numbers, control the state legislature and are imposing their lifestyle on the rest of the state.

We must all live in densly packed developments, take the train or bus everywhere, or walk or bike, and we must cheerfully accept the higher cost of living and taxes that go along with it.

Seattle has banned transfats - to protect peoples health. The mayor banned bottled water in city offices. They have suggested banning beach fires because they contribute to global warming. They have proposed a 20 cent charge for using plactic or paper bags at the store - to save the planet.

Seattle has spent $11 million to house drunks - with no "demeaning" requirements that they get sober.

At the same time, King County is facing a budget shortfall and may need to reduce police and prosecutors. The DA has said that they may only be able to prosecute property crimes exceeding $10,000.

Of course, agree to higher property taxes and they can fix everything - until they run out of that money.

The Democrats could tax everyone at 110% and still run out of money.