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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Where Was The Good Samaritan?!?

Ace has the video of an elderly man getting hit by a hit and run driver and noone stops to help or comes to his aid from the busy sidewalk, shameful and terribly sad. My neighborhood ain't the best by any means but when I saw an elderly man turn over on his scooter and fall in a shallow ditch I hit the brakes immediately and jumped out to help. I was beat to the scene by the residents of the house that the accident occured in front of and two passing bicyclists, eight people in 30 seconds ran to help that man. In the video the poor guy lays there in agony till a cop happens to drive by, shame, shame, shame and may the Lord deal with you awful people in good time.


Gayle said...

I heard a psychiatrist (or was it a psychologist?) say on Fox News that it happens because people think someone else will stop and help. It's truly outrageous that people think their little errands or meetings or whatever are more important than a man's life. Shame on them indeed! :(

suek said...

City mouse, country mouse.

I'm coming to think that the greatest divide in the country is between the rural population and the urban population. If you examine the mindset needed for each group, it's clear that the "old" America had the rural mindset - we take care of ourselves and each other. Government is not part of the equation. The "new" America is very metropolitan - the government takes care of all the stuff outside of my front door - I have no responsibility except for what happens in my own personal domicile - and maybe even not all of that.
It's not a good thing, I don't think...and explains much of what divides the USA attitudes from those of old Europe. As we move the population base from country to city, the change of attitude is almost a given. Can it change back? I don't think so - barring such a disaster that we all move back out of the cities...something I can't really envision.