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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dumbocrats Construct Devious Plan

Via Gateway Pundit, the moonbats at Democratic Underground have devised a scheme to send out citizens arrest squads to arrest war criminals, Bush ,Cheney etal and have out put down guide lines on how to do it.

1. Don't announce that you're coming, because the war criminal will escape.

2. Pick your war criminal. Here are their names, where to find them, and some of the charges against them.

Note: War Criminals travel frequently. Watch http://convictbushcheney.org for notice of when they'll be appearing publicly near you. Below are their home locations.

3. Form a team. We need teams in California, Texas, New York, and Washington, D.C., among other places. Your mission is to locate a war criminal from the list above in a public place, detain them, handcuff them, phone the police, read the criminal their rights and the charges against them, ask them if they have anything to say in response, videotape the arrest and post it online. Your team should include one or more people who can produce an excellent video and be extremely fast in editing and posting it online. Your team should include people capable of physically detaining your war criminal. Your team should ideally include a lawyer. And, of course, people who can read the charges and question the suspect. Everyone on your team should be able to keep a secret while you're planning your arrest.

4. Prepare to follow this script.

Apprehend and handcuff the war criminal.

Read the war criminal their rights, rights they have denied others:

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you."
Read the war criminal the charges against them. See above.

Ask the war criminal if they would like to say anything.

Once you have good video footage, your top priority becomes immediately getting it edited (if necessary) and online.

Turn the war criminal over to the police.

Pass out flyers to passersby.

Send statement to the media.

5. Consult a lawyer to avoid unnecessary risks of violating laws while enforcing the law.

6. Be prepared to post your video online in multiple places: Youtube, Google, and convictbushcheney.org (for that last one, mailto:david@davidswanson.org ">contact us).

7. Aquire and learn to use handcuffs.

8. Prepare flyers to hand to passersby and a statement to send to the media.

This should be fun if they try it, LOL. I some how doubt the secret sevice would take kindly to some smelly hippies trying to handcuff Bush or Cheney. I would suggest we use the same tactics when we see the active seditionists of Code Pink and their ilk when they vandalize private property or obstruct private citizens from going about their daily routine. We should file hate crime charges when they slander our troops, turn the table on the hate mongers on the left and let them taste their own medicine.


Trader Rick said...

Sounds like a criminal conspiracy to commit kidnapping....

shoprat said...

As an alternative I would offer to play the same game. It would be fun to accuse a few leftists of treason and cavorting with America's enemies, which is also a crime. One they don't seem so passionate about enforcing.

I am not seriously suggesting this but offering it as a thinking point.

Gayle said...

I would seriously suggest they not try that in Texas. These Rednecks out here don't mess around. Wait a minute... perhaps they should be encouraged to try it in Texas. :)

Ron Simpson said...

I am envisioning a bunch of dead leftist moonbats. It is a pretty picture.