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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge

With the price of oil and gas going through the roof drilling in ANWR is again the topic of heated debate so just what does this pristene wilderness look like? The picture above is typical of this mosquito infested bog except in winter when it is just a big white icy sheet of nothing where nothing lives. Jonah Goldberg has more pictures of the area around Prudhoe where they want to drill on just 2,000 acres of this vast wasteland of 19 million acres. Those are not fish filled lakes they are mosquito infested melt water puddles left when the winter ice melts. There are a few caribou that roam around up there but somehow I doubt they would be bothered by a few oil derricks. Don't let the environuts fool you this is not some national treasure like the Grand Canyon, the Everglades or Yellowstone so let's get that oil and natural gas out of the ground and into the system.

In further news on energy production the Democrats in Congress have blocked tapping the Green River oil shale formation and drilling on the continental shelves off our three coasts containing enough oil and natural gas to once again make the US the number one producer in the world and get us off foreign oil with enough to last till next century. Domestic oil production would keep hundreds of billions of dollars in the US economy and create many thousands of new high paying jobs. That would be a very good thing right?


Jeff Perren said...


Can you please tell me how to add the Drill Here logo, etc to my blog?

Jeff Perren

Trader Rick said...

Whose side are these democrats on, anyway??????

Trader Rick said...

To add the Drill Here logo, click on the widget, then click on Put Banner Ads on your website. Copy and past the html of the widget you like to your blogger template or wherever you want it to appear...