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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Higher CO2 Levels And Warmer Temperatures Are good For The Biosphere

Anybody that actually paid attention in biology or science classes in grade school would know that CO2 is vital to vegetation's photosynthesis process as plants use the carbon as its vital building blocks and in return releases the oxygen. A vibrant flora then contributes to a vibrant fauna with better food stocks and more drought resistant plants plus an increase in a few degrees lengthens the growing season in cooler climates while remaining relatively static around the equatorial regions. A new report shows that the biosphere has responded accordingly to increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere with resounding growth, you would think the greeny tree huggers would rejoice at that news. I have posted many times that the new green warming movement has nothing to do with the actual environment but is simply a backdoor approach to socialism through the control of energy resources and thus control over how people live.
The Canadian press for some reason has not drank Al Gore's kool-aid and actually does some honest reporting on the subject, from the above link with a hattip to Newsbusters.

Planet Earth is on a roll! GPP is way up. NPP is way up. To the surprise of those who have been bearish on the planet, the data shows global production has been steadily climbing to record levels, ones not seen since these measurements began.

GPP is Gross Primary Production, a measure of the daily output of the global biosphere -- the amount of new plant matter on land. NPP is Net Primary Production, an annual tally of the globe's production. Biomass is booming. The planet is the greenest it's been in decades, perhaps in centuries.

Like I said you would think the environmentalists would be thrilled and promoting the production of CO2 after all during the age of the dinosaurs the CO2 levels and temperatures were much higher than today and supported massive animal and plant life. Now I am all for reducing pollution in all its forms but CO2 is not pollution, it is a vital natural gas that is imperative to the health of the biosphere and that includes us humans.
On a side note the GOP managed to block economy killing bills put forth by the Democrats to enact cap and trade laws to limit CO2 releases and today to block efforts to impose additional taxes on the oil industry. That is good news but Hugh Hewitt reports that the green nuts are preparing lawsuits to block oil and gas production in Alaska based on the polar bear's listing as threatened.
Meanwhile Newt Gingrich's petition to Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less has over 450,000 signees, if you have not signed on yet go here and add your name. He also reports from Norway on how this can be done responsibly as to environmental concerns.
As always in these posts I encourage folks to vist Icecap's site and peruse what real scientists have to say not politicians seeking to make a buck or raise taxes like Al Gore and his ilk in the Democrat party.

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