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Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama, The Incoherent Flip Flopper

Via Hotair, you have to watch this brief presser CNN had with Obama as he flip flops enough to make John Kerry look like he was wearing tight fitting loafers. His speaking is so stilted and broken with umms and uhhs it was hard to follow as he had to admitt undeniable progress in Iraq thanks to the surge and Gen. Petraeus' tactics. This won't go over well with the nutroot moonbats he courted through the primary. He also makes the noted gaffe of calling Prime Minister Maliki the president when Jalal Talabani is the President of Iraq, the MSM would be all over McCain if he had done that. If he is so darn hyper-intelligent why does he have to think about what he says so carefully and even then screw it up? He also said he is going to go to Iraq before November when he said not long ago when McCain challenged him to that it would just be a publicity stunt. The guy is a fish out of water without his teleprompter and adoring throng of cultist sycophants.

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Trader Rick said...

"admitt"? Is that some sort of Freuian slip, Goat....