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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Connecting The Dots Of Obama's Change On Iraq

The pieces of the story are finally coming together about Obama's continually shifting changes of his stances on Iraq and they are all tied to his long time friend Tony Rezko. First we learned that Rezko was tied to all sorts of shady housing deals in Chicago including helping in the purchase of the Obamas' own multi-million dollar domicile. Now we learn about where the money was coming from, former bagman for Saddam Hussein, Nahdmi Auchi, and former Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Aiham Alsamarrae, now wanted for embezzling millions by the Iraqi government. Rezko had a contract to build a power plant in the Kurdish region of Iraq but had no money to do it so Auchi got Alsamarrae, Rezko's college roommate to give him a letter of credit from the Iraqi government. The deal fell apart when Alsamarrae was convicted of corruption and jailed.
To see how all this ties into Obama's constant changes of his stances on the war go read this outstanding article by Richard Fernandez that breaks down the time lines of what Obama has said in the past and when these events occurred. It looks like Obama hoped to enrich his friends as a result of the war. I guess all that hope and change had a real purpose after all.

Barack Obama’s position on Iraq has shifted significantly over the last six years. What is interesting is how his position on Iraq matches up with developments in Chicago. Specifically, there appears to be a direct correlation between the rising and falling prospects of his longtime friend and fundraiser Tony Rezko’s attempts to secure multi-million-dollar contracts to build and operate a power plant in Kurdish Iraq and the senator’s Iraq flip-flops.

Chicago and Middle Eastern sleaze all wrapped up in one big sticky ball with Barack right in the middle. He sure doesn't look like some sort of enlightened post modern messiah from this angle just another corrupt Chicago pol.

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Gayle said...

Very interesting indeed. Interesting, but not surprising. Nothing that comes out on this egomaniac is going to have the power to surprise me, and I highly suspect there's going to be a lot more.