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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sean Hannity On Another Obama Buddy, Rashid Khalidi

Lets see we have Auchi, Ayers, Dohrn, Pfleger, Rezko, Wright and now Khalidi a palestinian bagman for Yassar Arafat that secured megabuck from the Woods Fund while Obama and Ayers were on the board. The Obamas and Khalidis swapped dinner parties and Michelle Obama would babysit the Khalidi's kids, this was not some casual professional relationship they were good friends as Sean points out.

Via Atlas if the embed doesn't work go over to her site anyway for more.


Gayle said...

God bless Sean Hannity for keeping the pressure on!

This is a dangerous man and we cannot overstate the danger of electing him president no matter how hard we try.

suek said...

Watching his show one night, Alan Colmes kept up with a line of "guilt by association! guilt by association" I just wanted to reach out and ask him just exactly how many conservative "advisors" _he_ had. How many conservative _friends_ he had - my guess is zip. And _why_ doesn't he have conservative advisors and friends? we all know - we choose to associate with those who think like we do. Obama is no exception. So yeah, Alan...it _is_ guilt by association!