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Monday, June 30, 2008

The "Golden" Road In California To Not Travel

Rancho Seco now sits dormant, a symbol of California's failed enrgy policy.
Many like to say that my state of California leads the nation and where we go the rest are sure to follow. Well one place the rest of the states should never follow us is in the field of energy production. The environmental lobby has all but paralyzed our ability to produce our own electricity so we rely on surrounding states to provide the energy we need and the resulting high prices are driving industry and with it the jobs they provide out of the state. The ecogeeks won't let us burn coal for power, use nuclear power and even fight wind and solar production. We probably have enough natural gas off our coast to power us for years but nope we can't tap that. We have areas that could be tapped for geo-thermal production, can't do that either. We can't build wind farms because they spoil the view and kill birds and can't build solar installations in our desert because it might hurt a few rats and tortoises and the transmission lines are ugly. We can't use hydro-electric because it hurts salmon and swallows pretty valleys. It goes on and on and our idiots in Sacramento suck it up like kool-aid including our Gubernator Ahnuld, hypocrite supreme, while he commutes between LA and Sacramento in his private jet and drives humvees.
Anyway this article by Max Shultz will give you a good idea why it is not wise to follow the path the Golden State has when it comes to energy. This is all done in the name of saving the planet while there are a couple thousand wildfires every summer as result of other failed evironmentalist policies but that is another topic.

California’s Potemkin Environmentalism
A celebrated green economy produces pollution elsewhere, ongoing power shortages, and business-crippling costs.
In January 2007, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stood before the California legislature in Sacramento and delivered his fourth State of the State address since his improbable 2003 election. It was a rhetorical tour de force that would win him widespread acclaim. “California has the ideas of Athens and the power of Sparta,” said Schwarzenegger. “Not only can we lead California into the future; we can show the nation and the world how to get there.”

As the saying goes, read the whole thing.

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