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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Obama, The Walking Talking Gaffe Machine

Take away his teleprompter and prepared script and the guy is lost, he even appears to be looking for his handy screen in this video. He stumbles all over himself trying to explain how he will pay for socialist medical care by running from Iraq and cutting the defense budget as I pointed out last night.
Via Gateway Pundit who has more video and commentary.

I hope he takes McCain up on his Townhall format challenge as John excells in that format and Obama is clearly a fish out of water. Obama does well giving empty inspirational speeches to large audiences of adoring sycophants but quickly turns into a bumbling idiot when confronted with any tough questioning about his associations or actual policies. He has nothing new beyond a flashy smile and grand rhetorical eloquence, all his policies are far left wing policies that have been spewed by partisan democrat socialists for at least 60 years, as stale as the bread in soviet bread lines.


Trader Rick said...

Why don't you like Barock O'Sama? What have you got against him? ALL politicians lie and cheat, rob and steal, sell favors etc. And it's a free country--he can be a socialist if he wants to, and who are you to say he shouldn't be.

If the looney half of America wants an empty suit full of crap, they should have the chance! We had eight years of Bush, let's have eight years of O'Sama, I say!

suek said...

SS and Medicaid are already over half of the budget by percentage - the entire defense budget is less than 5%. And the Iraq war is not as expensive as it's made out to be - not that it's cheap, but some of the cost is the accountants gimmick of allocating costs - that is, the cost of the regular military personnel serving and who would be part of our standing army in any case, is allocated to the cost of the war. If we were not involved in Iraq, we'd still be paying them. Even if that's only half of the cost of the war, that would reduce the available dollars to about 3% of the present budget. Don't think that's going to do it.

Obama may need a refresher math course.

Gayle said...

Obama needs a lot more than a refresher math course!

I wonder if he will take McCain up on his town hall challenge? If he doesn't he's going to look like a wuss, so I don't see where he has much choice. But then again, since he's willing to talk to Achmadinejad without pre-conditions, he already looks like a wuss, so he really doesn't have anything to lose by not taking the challenge.