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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Right Wingnuts Ready To Riot If Obama Wins

That is according to moonbats at Firedog Lake one of the rabid left wing blogs, I won't link to them but you can go here , where Nice Deb links them, if you want to read the paranoid ramblings of a psychotic idiot based on no evidence what so ever.

If there is a President Obama come next Jan. 20, normal folks better brace for what the right-wing crazies have in mind. Because it’s becoming clear that they are winding themselves up now for a fresh spate of violence if Obama wins.

Last I saw it was all the lefty groups that were planning all kinds of disruptions if Obama loses including major problems at both Party Conventions later this summer. I guess all us bitter Bible thumpin racist xenophobes that are clinging to our guns out of desperation because the government isn't doing enough to take care of us,according to Obama, are going to start a civil war, dang, nobody told me yet.
In any event, a pattern is already developing, ranging from the Klan fellows who promise that Obama will be shot to the white supremacists who are actually rooting for him to win because they’re certain he will fail. We’re hearing a lot of language from the racist and “Patriot” right indicating that they expect a Democratic president to enact policies (particularly regarding gun control) that will inspire “civil war.” Which means they are looking for excuses to act out.

As always with these folks, there’s a lot of projection going on here. Because even if a President Obama follows only the most moderate of liberal agendas, the far right will look upon those policies as cause for “civil war.” That was how they responded to Bill Clinton, after all — a white male Southerner with generally conservative leanings. One can only imagine how a liberal black man from Illinois would fare.

Again the only folks in America I see currently burning things are left wing terrorist groups like the Earth Liberation Front and their cronies the Animal Liberation Front not to mention all the gangs in Democrat run cities. Heck they even burn up their own areas when their sports team wins. I am more concerned about the violence from the left should Obama lose by those that think Che, Castro and Chavez are heros of some sort. I swear those folks are seriously disturbed from the noise in their echo chamber and have no idea what conservatism is all about.
Ack, I have to stop now before I work myself into a lather and go on a hobo hunting rampage and ruin an otherwise decent cheap beer buzz.


The Griper said...

happy pappy's day goat. got a song up i think you'll enjoy this pappy's day.

Roadhouse said...

Riot? Who has time to riot? Conservatives are usually at work or spending time with their families.

Is there even such a thing as a right wing riot?

shoprat said...

I think the person most likely to kill Obama is Hillary.

RightWingRocker said...

Bill Clinton? "Generally conservative"?

What the hell is this idiot smoking?????


RightWingRocker said...

cheap beer buzz.

Eww ....


Gayle said...

The libs are expecting us to act like they do. Maybe we should! No... wait a minute... they didn't exactly riot when Bush won, they cried and went nuts. Extra psychiatric clinics were set up in order to handle Democrats with election depression, remember that? LOL!