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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Yep Time to Start Climbing Again

I really miss climbing and have spent the afternoon researching some local areas to get my fingers back in shape. They are sadly limited since I live in a big flat valley and I hate climbing gyms since they are what wrecked my tendons in the first place, I like real rock. I did find one place, an abandoned quarry with enough potential to rebuild my callouses and get my footwork back. I am in need of a partner since mine broke his heel last winter and won't be doing any climbing or even hiking for a long while still so if a stray reader in the Sarcamento area happens on this post that likes to climb let me know.

I am nowhere near this badass but it is inspiring and one of my all time favorite songs.


Trader Rick said...

This is insane.

Ron Simpson said...

I have rappelled. Who in the Army hasn't? But never climbed. I have hiked up some tough terrain, but never sheer vertical. My favorite hiking area is around Conejos, Colorado. There is a great bit of hiking along the Conejos River into an area. There is great hiking up to No Name Lake 37°12'29.01"N 106°30'5.93"W.

Goat said...

Rappelling is actualy more dangerous than roped climbing since you are completely reliant on your gear and rigging. No Name lake seems really familiar since I have done a bit of hiking in the Rockies.