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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger Wins Again

This was one of the Best US Opens I have ever watched and Tiger kept his streak alive but barely. He once again needed a birdie on the final hole of the playoff to send it to sudden death and he pulled it off. Playing through pain with gritted teeth in a rollercoaster round with a very steady and inspired Rocco Mediate he managed his 14th Major title in what in his own words was the finest of all of them. I agree and I was rooting for neither man just for a great game and it was delivered in spades with the lead changing hands several times, miraculous shots and clutch putting.
I learned long ago that the game of golf is one of the greatest tests of character there is, if you want to know what is in a person, go play a round of golf with them. It will tell you more about their character than any other test I know of as a game of honor.


Trader Rick said...

Junior and I watched those last few holes, too. I was rooting for Tiger, but I still don't understand how he has time to play golf and still run for president...

A much better test of character than golf would be lobbing a few mortar rounds at a guy and see how he reacts... Or, better yet, drop a few on him while he's trying to putt!

RightWingRocker said...

Goat, as much as I love ya, man, I'll never be able to share your enthusiasm for this game. It's like watching grass grow to me.

While Tiger was kicking tail on the green, I was watching Jimmy Rollins's leadoff home run and the Phils 8-2 victory over Boston.

Good stuff!


Goat said...

Rick, yea warfare is a bigger test for sure but golf is the best as a peaceful game.
RWR, I am a big baseball fan as well though you can't judge character on the diamond the way you can on the links. I will give a plug to Curt Shilling's bloody foot prformance though.